Humanize the Badge // Project Human


In honor of Police Week I thought that I would add a few links, if you’re feeling interested in supporting the Thin Blue Line.  My favorite sites are Humanize the Badge and Project Human (hence the title of the post), but I have more that I frequent and support.  At the least check the sites out, they are very informative.

Humanize the Badge // Facebook // Instagram
Project Human // Instagram
Square Juan // Facebook // Instagram
Mike the Cop // Facebook // Instagram // Patreon
Bleed Blue Campaign // Facebook // Instagram
911Strong // Facebook // Instagram
Warrior Made // Facebook // Instagram
The Mic Loop // Facebook // Instagram

Not only are there great websites for you to visit and support, there are so many people who are making amazing strides in the Thin Blue Line movement.

Elizabeth Ogden // Website // Instagram
Officer Daniels // Facebook // Instagram
Deputy Hook ‘Em (Forensic) // Facebook // Instagram
Deputy Book ‘Em // Facebook // Instagram
Andrew Fincher // Facebook // Instagram
Angry Cops
// Facebook // Instagram
Officer Baker // Facebook // Instagram

There are so many more people that I know are not listed here.  I will get around to making a more complete list, eventually.