Wizards on Western 2017, Pt. 3 // the Doggos!


One thing I loved about the festival was how many dogs there were!  So many sweet pups, and these are only a few!

First there’s Padfoot (appropriately named), who is my friend’s service dog in training.

The Oklahoma Humane Society had a small booth, and I feel bad that I cannot remember the dog’s name.  He is deaf, but can still see a bit.  Super sweet.  He loves cuddles!

The Oklahoma Humane Society wasn’t the only animal rescue to set up an information booth.  Free to Live Animal Sanctuary was there too.  This pup came up and stood by me while I was talking.  Super sweet.


Duncan (Donut and Friendswas there and he was super sweet!

Other doggos and I’ll be honest, some of them I don’t remember their names – Sorry!