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“What the hell is an ‘ accio lansdown’ any way?”

Who’s going to see this page?  A whole whopping 5 people… maybe?

This may be true and lets be honest, I’m totally okay with that.  The site isn’t really about me, it’s about my art.  My photography, writing and voice.

I’m from the middle of now where Oklahoma, with the ‘big fish in a little pond’ syndrome.  I am always up for traveling and if I could I’d be gone in a heart beat.  I think some call it Wanderlust.  But remember, not all who wonder are lost.

Photography is what keeps my heart pumping, writing makes the blood flow, and a voice that makes me free.  Everything is just pretty wrapping.

I support the Thin Blue Line, I’m apart of the Thin Gold Line and it makes me beyond proud to belong to both of these incredible families.

And to answer your question an accio lansdown is a Harry Potter fan that has a life.  Thanks for asking.